onsdag den 25. november 2009

Long day -_-'

Today has been the most boring day off I've ever had in a long time, so I kind of look forward to go back to school tomorrow. I didn't do all that was planned for today because I woke up so late >_>

But I looked through all my clothes today or most of it. And I found out that I couldn't even fit most of my shirts anymore :__:
So now I really have to buy new clothes.
Hopefully I can sell some of my old stuff so I can get some money for that!
I tried to sew some of the shirts to a smaller size, it helped a bit, but some of them were impossible to do it to. And of course it was the pretty ones I couldn't do it to :__:
So it does have some bad side effects to loose weight.
And I also have this amazing pirate coat that I've had on for like 3 times!! and right now I really feel like wearing it and I can't!!! ARGH! so if I can sell it I will and then buy a new one <3
Today I also Ordered a new dress to my collection <3
and I think that I'll order some shirts from Fan plus Friend on Friday, all depending on how much money I have.

Other then that I've done some work out, watch TV and cleaned the bathroom.
Soon I'll just make my dinner, go shopping for food with my father, then work a bit more out before going to bath and then just relaxe the rest of the evening.

Tomorrow when I get home from school, I think I'll go to our second hand shop to see if I can find anything useful, and then go to the bank and get the money to my sisters present.
Looking really forward to see her on Sunday! ^-^
Though I don't really want to see the rest of my family because they keep complaining about my weightloss and stuff like that and as I've said before it just drives me even further away from my relationship with them.

But ither then that I'm gonna be pretty bussy with homework this weekend! =S
So bussy that I have to cancel my plans for Friday and Saturday. I would probably have done that anyway.
I don't reall feel like being near people right now. I just get more annoyed and the ones I have to see don't get it at all, not any of it. So I would rather not be in the same company with them for some time.

The only one to safe you is yourself

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