søndag den 20. december 2009

Cold december day

I have been doing absolutely nothing exciting today xD
Slept long and then got up and eat an apple for breakfast/lunch, with a nice cup of Japanese green tea, while watching some Christmas movie that I had already seen some of a few days before. =D
It's been snowing a bit more here today with was nice ^-^
then worked a bit out (which I'm not done with)
And just before I made some christmas candy with my mother <3
Though I don't eat it I don't see why I shouldn't have fun making it. Though it puts me to a test everytime because I really wanna taste it, but I can't.
The first picture was taking when we had made the first of it. ^-^
The one below is the finnised result!

I also got a sad message earlier today. The skirt and shirt that I had ordered from Dear Celine wouldn't be able to be sent to me at this moment because of all this christmas fuss >.>
So the seller refunded my money right after :__:
I'm glad I got the money back, but I really wanted that skirt and blouse with the cakes on!
oh well nothing to do about it. He promised that he would let me know more in about two weeks.
So right now instead of that I think I'll order the Angelic Pretty dress that a girl on J-fashion is selling.
And then I'll see if I'll order the other one later in the new year when the money is there again and the christmas fuss have gone down ^-^

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