tirsdag den 8. december 2009

Fear ...

... is just what I felt not long ago, and still in that pain.

Saw some photos on J-fashion of me from last March. I look soo fat! I can't discribe the feeling that ran through my vains when I saw them.

I got really scared and I'm about to get a break down because of it.

It just wants me to loose more weight, because of that fear.

Shaking all over my body now =/

I still see that fat girl in the mirror when I look at myself.

I keep telling myself, " just a few kg. more" but in the end I still wanna take my body to the extreme.

That picture is now burned on my mind for the next few weeks, and my weight loss will become bigger because of that.

I would wish that every picture of me from the past would just disappere. Then they wouldn't be able to hurt me like they do now.

Just let it kill me in the end. Then everything will be better

It's waiting just to hurt you

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