tirsdag den 5. januar 2010


Stop forcing me to eat!

I know you just wanna help me, but forcing me won't make it better and won't make me eat more.

I need to take it slowly day by day, but mother just don't get that. It only seems that father is the only one who will let me take my time. <3

Glad he's a bit more understandable.

Mother wants me to eat meat EVERY day, but I won't eat that much meat.
What would she do if I turned completely in to a vegetarion?!

But I told her today that it was not gonna happen, because I don't like meat that much.

She just don't know how it's like, and expect too much from me in such a short time.

Would be nice if they all didn't cared about it!

I would be free to do what I want <3

Though I promissed to eat more, I still play my tricks on them, they just don't know it.
I'll keep on doing it for as long as I can!

No one is going to stand in my why.

That's my final

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