fredag den 1. januar 2010

Happy New Year!! =D

Felt like having a pink new years evening ^^;
This was how I looked most of the day. I had to go to my friend Lenas birthday during the day and then go back home to prepare dinner for myself (since I don't eat the same as my parents)

Outfit runddown
Skirt: F+F
Bluse: Bodyline
Socks: LL (though you can't see them xD)
Accesseries: H&M, accessories, Bodyline.

This was my dinner. A clean plate with some low calorio intake. The fish was backed in the owen with the carrets and a bit chili on top and then I nicely decorated the plate with salat.
So it only contain about 150 calories. I didn't even eat the whole thing. So I got less <3
So yesterday I had about 250-260 calories during the day.

Amazing what a body can survive on ^-^
it facinates me =O

Then later on the evening my best friend came home to me with some more friends and watched the 90th anniversary show xD
then countdown to 00:00
after that they drank a whole lot more and we wanted to go to one of the local pubs to party on but they were closed so we just went home to me again, though an hour after we splite and just went to sleep instead.

Hope every one have had a wonderful day and my you have an even more wonderful new year ^-^

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