fredag den 22. januar 2010


Just wanna show this super beautiful headdress from closet-child's website.
It's one of BBTSB pieces <3
gonna make one like this one day soon when I have the material for it.

Still AP is my favourit brand <3
I really wish for the Milky skirt! *-*
And also this new outfit came out on their update site! super cute coordination! (^-^)
Today we had a project in IT, but my friend and I couldn't concentrate on the subject so we desided that next weekend I'll visit her and then we'll do some work on it instead.
but we're also going to work a bit on it at home or rather write down ideas and then put it together somehow.
Can't believe school is over soon.
I'm really freaking out, since I haven't found a job yet D=
and I totally fear exams! :_:
I almost get blackouts!
But I try not to think about it too much which is hard when you have like 2 or 3 normal weeks left of school and rest it holiday, and two weeks of exam project.

I guess as long as I pass everything is okay, but I also really wanna do well so people can be more pround of me.
And maybe through the focus away from my weight for awhile so people won't be able to tell that I still wanna loose weight and still is (hopefully)
I have absolutly no idea what my weight is at, at the moment, but I'll get on the scale this Sonday. I really fear that I haven't lost anything eventhough I've been training like hell almost. I've worked out every day for I think more then an hour, plus I've been eating regulary over the day just in small portions so I got the 250 calories a day (I know it's not much) but that's how it is to be sick .__.
Though I wanna try harder to eat more it's just not possible at the moment. So I'll just have to live with it until I'm finally ready to give a bit more in.
I keep wondering why everybody els is allowed to be skinny without anyone commenting it?
and how they keep so thin is a riddle to me. I know I wasn't born with small bornstructure and it saddens me all the time because it kills me on the inside.
But these last few days have actually been okay and I haven't been TOO sad about my look.
So maybe I'm getting better at some point?

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