mandag den 25. januar 2010

Milky Chan

I finally found the Angelic Pretty Milky Chan print OP!!!! <3
but damn it's even more expensive than what it originally was on AP's own website! But I really want it and they don't have it anywhere els -_-
I found it all thanks to Rosie <3 I really owe her for telling me)
So hopefully I can afford it when I get money on Friday!

if not I'll have to wait and if Closet-child may get it some day. Hmm just don't know how long I can wait xD

I really wanna shop right now! but it'll have to wait till Wedensday. And I need more pink clothes in my closet! It's really become my favourit colour <3 So I need more hahah =D
But I actually also have some stuff I want from F+F and Bodyline so we'll see how much money I get to spent there in the end.
Uh and then the Manga shop finally got Vampire Hunter D 4 home, and they said they would nortify me and put one a side, but I haven't heard any shit from them and now it's sold out on their website!! It makes me angry! grr

Blaaah got a meesage from my friend from school today, we have a 2 tests next week D=
it sucks, but nothing that can be done about it. I just really hate it, I get all nervous and freak out.

I bought some more chocolate today, weird, I know, since it's never gonna be eaten because I'm so sick and fucking afraid to gain weight, even though I'm at 47 kg. now
Why does it have to be so hard for me to let a bit more go.
I know that a body consumes between 80-150 calories pr. hour by just sitting still.
So I really don't know why I find it so damn hard to just eat more when I know all the things I know.
In the end it's just becuase I'm so afriad that i won't allow myself to eat more, and because I don't wanna go completely back to where I started where I just wanted to eat anything. Then I'd rather be sick as I am and live of 250 calories a day.

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