tirsdag den 19. januar 2010

Packages for me <3

Yay I finally recieved my two packages today <3
The first one was from the ebay store; Refuse to be normal
The one under was from a private seller from Japan.

As you can I recieved two pairs of socks <3 Those are from Refuse to be normal.
The other is a warm Angelic pretty winter scarf <3

The seller even wrote this littel sweet note for me (^__^);

Yesterday I was in town and got this teddy <3
It was so cute that I couldn't resist getting it!

I have also been a bit creative and made this cupcake headbow =)

Other then that I have really been obssed by watching "supersize vs. super skinny"
That show is amazing.
It makes me wanna continue loosing more weight <3
I'm finally beginning to accept my illness.
I have felt good about it. Eventhough I still trick my parrents so they think I eat more.

I actually went to my doctor today to talk thoug it was about something els, and I also thought she would be commenting on my weight, but she didn't, luckely.
Maybe because I had this big sweater on.

I'm sure my moms gonna ask if she said anything to it because she really wants me to get help.

oh well, that's all for now.

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