søndag den 14. februar 2010

Best dream ever

Yeah that was what I had the other day <3

I had the biggest pleasure of meeting Maki and Asuka, the two designers behind Angelic Pretty <3 They were just absolutly amazing! *-* Both in their outfits! and they were so nice and down to eath. Went to a lot of their live shows, tea party. And after that I had a chat with them more privat, were they handed out lots of presents from their brand to me! Holy F...! I couldn't believe how much stuff they gave me! A happy pack, skirts, a dress, like two pair of shoes and I don't know how many accessories *-*

Sooo sad when I woke up from that dream only to find out that I didn't had all that stuff .__. *sob*

And yet again this night I actually had a good dream <3 but that one I'm not gonna tell, since it has a more private meaning to me than anything els. ^^

3 kommentarer:

  1. That sounds like an awesome dream! Too bad it wasn't real :P

  2. yeah I know :__: but I can only wish for it to come true one day ^-^