tirsdag den 2. februar 2010

test today! x_x

Yeah today we had one of our final test at school x_x
It almost killed me! But as long as I pass I think I'll do fine. I had sooo much trouble with the first part of it and it took the most of my time so I dodn't had that much to the other projects which sucks because then I won't get that good grades.

And worse is it started to snow like crazy!
but if it continues I'll stay home tomorrow or well I'll do that anyways xD
I'm doing it because I wanna start on my other school project and get done with that and do really good!
I've done good the last few of them so hopefully this one won't be going totally bad =)

So I can stay up late today and do a lot of exercise <3
I wanna bike for 10 km.
make 200-300 sit ups
some push ups
and maybe if I'm not to tired bike a bit more.

Hm I also bought some new pills today which should help me to pass my food (or at least the bit I'm eating) fast through my body system.

Hopefully I'll work.

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