mandag den 1. februar 2010


I hate that and I feel like I'm gaing weight! (though I'm probably not only time will tell)

Just looking at some anorexia movies on youtube and makes me feel like pushing myself more.

If they can do it, so can I.

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  1. I can only say DONT. I have had a girl in one of my classes once who suffered from a eating disorder, and sorry to say it, but I have never seen a more ugly person in my life. Bad teeth from all the vomiting, her skin was all ruined and her body was SO thin, that her hipbones stuck out further then her belly... yuck yuck.

    Many of us women tend to forget that is totally OKAY for a woman to have some meat on her bones. It is really hard to find the perfect line fit between not being too fat, and not being a stick with a blanket on it.

    I know how you feel, but if you own an bathroom scale then rid of it. I could mean that you are living after that. DOn't judge by the scale, judge by the mirror since muscles weigh more than fat does. If you start living by the scale it means that you are trying to gain control over somthing. Most people who gets an eating disorder gets it becaouse they feel like they'ved lost control of their life in some way. So being able to control how much they eat and when is a struggle for them to try to have control over the tiniest thing.

    But sweety don't live like a person who is afraid of herself. Its healthy to keep the trim line, but unhealthy to be obessesd with it. I once went from 50kg as a teenager, to 75kg as a 23 year old. Sure I don't like being a little chubby, but im okay with it, as long as I am not FAT...

    Just take it easy, eat healthy, exercise and dont be afraid to eat a piece og chocolate once in the weekends, you wont gain 40kg just for eating one piece. Plus you can get sugarfree and healthy candy :D
    My fave is vegestable sticks with a homemade dipping ^^ (youghurt/creme fraiche/greek youghurt with a lot of garlic in it) Healthy, nutricious, yummy and a great snack between the meals :D

    But Sweety, please don't get angry at me, or sad. I just won't see a nice and pretty girl killing her own body (and mind) slowly like my old classmate D: Its just so sad .___.

  2. aww thanks for that long sweet comment <3
    I already know so much about ED, but it's just so damn hard to get away from when I'm so far in it already.
    I'm really trying hard (or at least some days I do better then others) but it's like it's always going to be like this because of the fear of gaing weight eventhough I deep down know that I won't, but still the mind plays tricks with the head.
    I also know that I shouldn't go on the scale, but as you say it is some form of control in my life.
    I just need to try harder to get myself back and enjoy life a bit more then I do now.
    Hm just not easy to get away from ana.
    I thank you once again for the nice words and of course I'm not angry at you sweety <3