mandag den 15. marts 2010

Small update

It's been a while since I've been blogging.
Haven't really been in the mood.

Still feel crappy about myself.
Still got no job, and still I've got no apartment.

Just seem to go wrong for me every time.

My friend from Rome is not doing well either because his mother just paste away. I feel so sad for him and wish I could be with him to comfort him, but sadly I'm stuck here.
Lately he introduced me to one of his witch friend! He have told her a lot about me and some of the experiences that I have had and she took a deep interrest in me.
She's going to teach me witchcraft now <3
We have already started to preparing for the first ritual.
I'm really excited, so can't wait for the next fullmoon.
One of the most importent things was my name. So I have had to change it.
I'm no longer the same Amy as I used to be. My name is now Herja.
I hope the demon summoning will go well.

I'm doing a bit tomorrow luckely. I'm going on a trip to Germany with my father and grandmother so that should be a bit fun hopefully.

And it was actually my Birthday saturday the 6th of march, but nobody was really at home and I didn't feel like having any company so I didn't have a birthday party, which was quit nice ^-^
But then againg then I didn't get any presents and I really love presents.

Oh well I'll head of to bed and dream of my prince (and the skinny leggs that I so desparetely want)

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