fredag den 30. april 2010

Weigh in...

Yeah I finally did that not that long ago today. I haven't been on the scale for two weeks now. I'm trying not to step on it that often so I won't be too dissapointed and to get a better result.
To my surprise it was lower than expected. Yay for that <3
I was at almost 43 kilograms, so that makes me really happy. I was actually very surprised about it especially since I have gained so much water in my body because of my low weight. It simply won't leave.

Sorry about the long wait for a new blog. I don't know what has gotten into me these last weeks, but I didn't feel like blogging at all.
But today is the day xD

Haven't really been up to that much. Still looking for work, but luckely I'll start back at my school this monday so I can earn some money again. I have been without money for over a month now and it has been really tough. I haven't been able to go anywhere, see anything new or buy that much new stuff. So I'm really looking forward to begin doing something again.

Hmm what more..
Oh yeah my sister will come visit us today <3 haven't seen her in ages so should be fun ^-^
I think I'll ask her if we should go to a local bar to hang a bit out or maybe go watch a movie together.
My brother is also here, he's been undergoing some surgery with his foot so he can't walk properly and his girlfriend is not home to help him get around and take care of their baby, so we're helping a bit out.

UH! and I have found the most amazing secondhand furniture store! So when I get some money I'll take my father with me and go buy a lot of new furnitures out there <3 can't seem to wait. I need some new changes in my room and also not as heavy as some of those I have right now. It'll be easier to move them around when I finally will get my own apartment.

That should be it for now so take care out there !

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