tirsdag den 28. september 2010

Hatting myself even more...

It gets worse everyday.
The medicin does help but only for some time, I can't keep hiding behind it and it will just make things worse in the end anyways.

I did a bit of overeating just now so I feel like I wanna burst out in tears and I'm already making myself through it up again because I can't bear the pain and the thought of the food in my stomach.
I know the I haven't got over the 2000 calories but I have gone over 1000 and it's still way too much.

I haven't been overeating for almost two month now so I don't know what tricked it to happen just now.
But I got so bad that I tost out all of the food in the end and now I'm purking it all up to get better again.

why is it that the pain just don't wanna go away?

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