søndag den 27. marts 2011


Yeah finally I have got my own apartment and I'll be moving out completely this Friday!
I moved almost all of my furnitures and stuff today, the only thing left is my bed, tv, stereo and computer.
Sadly when I went to it yesterday I had a few problems with the lock on the door or rather the key. It didn't lock normally and was very tight. It was also like that before but this time I couldn't lock the door. I freaked out and bursted into tears because I didn't know what to do, so I had to leave my apartment unlocked!
But luckely my father had a spare lock and keys so we got it changed today and nothing were missing.
I just need to put things to its place and get some internet fixed and then I'll be leaving!

I just somehow fear that my ED will spin out of control again!
and how out of control my depression is. I hope it will get better. If not, I'm rather doomed and I probably end up taking my own life.

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