onsdag den 22. juni 2011

Little shopping and new phone

I went out this Monday to do a bit of daily day shopping for food and desided to talk a look at the other stores in town.
I went to this low prize store and found these two dresses :O
The print reminded me of some of Moi meme Moitie's print so I had to have them eventhough I don't really have any money.
The white shirt I bought in a second hand store so it was really cheap. ^w^'

I also bought these cheap nail art things! It was on sale ^-^'

And my new phone came today finally! after waiting over 2 weeks.
I really love it <3
Luckely I got it for free because I work at a phone store!

4 kommentarer:

  1. The dresses are so cute, they look just like MMM !

  2. thanks!! that's what I thought too ^w^

  3. hvor har du købt kjolerne henne?

  4. de er købt i sådan en billig discount butik i min lille by i brædstrup ^^'