søndag den 31. juli 2011


I'm getting way too lazy to write blogs lately! -_-'
I just have so much to do after I also started working on Mondays.
It's been really hard and very stressfull. I can feel that I'm slipping back into some old habbits of mine. Not good at all.
Started to eat less because of the stress and not feeling hungry at all. I just got on the scale this morning at I had lost another kg. this month. I don't mind at all thinking of that I still eat more then usual. I just wish I could see it myself.
But other then that I'm doing good for once ^-^

Even though I haven't had any money to live for I have been buying some smaller things! The kind of things that won't break my monthly budget.

These totally cute pencels <3
10,- dkr.!

This dress I found in Vero Moda in Grenaa, just before I went to see Harry Potter with my sister.
50,- dkr.! And it has some ruffles on top around the neck! I couldn't resist.

My sister and I went looking in a local second hand shop near my parents vacation house and found these child Hamtaro shoes! the little mouse on the front has some elastic on it so you can pull it up! We desided to by them for our nephew for fun xD
They were only 25,- dkr.

My brother and his girlfriends sign before you enter their garden because they have two dogs.
It says: " Warning! dog walking free, if meeting with the dog lay down on the ground and await help. If no help recieved: GOOD LUCK!!"

And last but not least I found another porcelain doll for my collection in a second hand shop in my town. =^w^=

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