fredag den 12. august 2011

I'm crazy!

Yeah I know I'm childish, but I work with a boss who's also very childish so it doesn't help either xD
Because of the Smuk festival he ordered a lot of small candy mashines home for sale and he gave me one!! Eventhough I don't eat candy I couldn't resist such an offer, it's simply too adoreble and fun to play with! and it plays music! lol.
And then I saw he had a Winnie the Pooh computer mouse in the store and ask if I could buy it. It was unfortunately for another costumer but he ordered a new one home for me! He's bad influence on me hahah.
We ended up talking about me having a swing hung up in my apartment since my loft is opened all the way up so you can hang stuff from the wooden beams! What an excellent idea! So now I'm looking for a swing! My apartment is starting to be like an amusement park.

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