fredag den 5. august 2011

Random blog

Just had a little time where I was bored so I thought I would decorate my nails a bit ^w^
It's been a while since I have done that.

I went to a toy shop the other day! I love toys! anyway! I found these funny dolls. I'm thinking about buying one some day soon maybe.

But I got these ones first! <3 They are from a new collection called Monster High xD
Thought they were cute and perfect for my collection overall =^w^=
I've been feeling kinda ill for most of this week. I don't really know why :/ And I don't seem to feel any better. I guess it's also because I sleep so poorly.
No wonder when they start working and turning on the big mashines at 05.30 in the morning to build. And this last night they worked during the night???!! Very annoying, but I can't do anything about it. The sooner they get done the better. Maybe I can sleep better afterwards.
Hmm I'm also starting to feel the anxiety nerves kick in. Next week is a music festival at my old town and I work there, my boss is probably keeping the store open all week instead of just one. And that freaks me out since I can't function properly around so many and loud people at once.
But I'm sure he won't force me to stay in the front of the store serving costumers.
And still nervous if I can stay there in general. I just have to wait and see what my caseworker have to say about my case when she get's home from vacation.

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