søndag den 4. september 2011

Pain is the source..

... of my inspiration.
In just one day I have written four poems.
Just from the feeling of pain.
It's just like the paper and pen works its own way, and create something magical.
Maybe it's because I'm out of my depression medicin that all these feelings starts to take too much control over me again.
But I guess there's nothing to be done, the place I'm supposed to pick up my medicin didn't have it at the store and she said that they would have it by friday and then they would call me so I could get it, but they haven't.
So now I'm in more pain.
But it got me to write down a letter for my parents to let them know a bit of what is going on since we haven't spoken much because I moved. Though I'm gonna move back to my old town again. Eventhough it surely will bring me more pain to be there, but I realized that I cannot be free and enjoy other places before I have found peace with myself in that town.
It's also more practical for me. (maybe it's gonna be easier to get to talk with my dad)
Hopefully some appartment will get free soon. And hopefully the ones who are renting me on this one finds another person for this place as well. I can't afford to rents on the little money I get.

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