torsdag den 8. december 2011

Getting poor! xD

just bought these <3

søndag den 4. december 2011

Beauty *-*

Me want! <3

fredag den 2. december 2011

No money but still shopping

It's a pain that there's so many great items out in the world that screams for me to buy them!

Just orderd these boots on ebay! I really love them and they are so lovely high <3

Wedensday I had taken a day off for the first time and spent it with my mother in Horsens.
They had finally got that winter hat that I have wanted for so many years now.
It's made from black leather and rabbitfur <3
It's really warm, but it also cost a lot of money.
I know when it'll turn colder I'll be thankfull for me buying it.

But I also needed a new coat because mine has been broken for a while and I can't keep reparing it. So I found this one in H&M
The fake fur can be taken of, but I really like it on so I doubt I'll take it off.

Other then that I haven't been doing great at all lately. I hate living at home. It's okay sometimes but I feel like everyone is overwatching me and it makes me feel like I'm trapped in some kind of cage in a park for people to look at.
I'm getting more sensitive and scared by the days that passes by.
Last weekend we were celebrating my sisters 25th birthday and I was stressing a bit too much around preparring things for all the guests and I'm not suppose to be stressing too much because it courses me to break down more easily. But suddenly out of nowhere my uncle sneakes up on me and tickles me. I completely lost it and almost screamed at him to stop that. I could see the shock in my mothers face. I felt really bad, since he doesn't know exactly how much I'm suffering and how much I don't like people just touching me. But at the same time I couldn't get myself to say that I was sorry.
I think I was just too confussed and not feeling well at all.

I have also gained almost 1 kg. since I've moved home, but my diet hasn't changed so it really frustrates me and I can feel the voices in my head screaming for me to stop eating completely. I try to fight, but at the same time I know that I'm not ready to let go of that part of me yet.

I have also cut myself again to try and get some peace in my head from all the battles, noises and voices in my head. But it seem that it no longer helps me much.
I'm lost now I don't know how to make them stop.

At least he is still around to look out for me in my dreams, and for that I'm greatfull.
Stay with forever my love....