søndag den 22. april 2012


Fuck yeah! I finally cracked!
For the last 5 years I have had a male friend from Rome that I have been writing with. Aparently he's got some stronger feelings for me, while I haven't. He's becoming even more annoying and to be frankly a pain in the as to talk to. I felt so stalked.
I've been feeling so crappy lately so his shitty stalking mails was just not what I needed! I completely cracked and told him that I actually didn't want to talk to him anymore.
Just fuck off alright? I'm so tired, so just leave me the fuck alone!

AHHH It felt really good to finally tell him what I really thought of him xD

Now! I'll try to heal myself a bit...

Miss you my friend <3
You didn't deserve it, and I feel it's my fault!

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