fredag den 4. maj 2012

I'm so stupid...

...I just fuck up everything.
It's like I can't do anything right.
This weekend have really started bad out for me.
First I eat a little candy, thinking that this time will be diffirent but end up making myself sick and through it all up again. Felling rather crappy and sick this morning, feels like Im gonna pass out any minute. Suddenly I get a messanger from my boss about a sim card I send out monday and aparently I messed it all up. Got a panich attack and almost cut myself again. Now I can't relax for the rest of the weekend. Can't rest before my mistakes are fixed. All the mistakes I keep on making. I'm simply no use at all. I don't understand why he even  bothers to have me around the shop for help when I keep fuck up everything.

I just don't belong here... I wanna run away... alone....

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