mandag den 24. februar 2014


Damn it's been a long time since I've been bloggin. I have had so much going on lately that I haven't had that much time at my own computer to keep track on life. I hope I get better at this -_-'
Well, I'm still struggeling a lot with my depression, anxiety and eating disorder, but a lot has also changed for me. I've got a job now, my internship ended when the new year began and after that he hired me! I'm not full time but almost! I takes away so much guilt that I have felt for being so depending on my parents these last years because I haven't been able to take properly care of myself.
I made progress in eating out with others! I haven't done that for that past.. like.. 6 years or so? It was for our company christmas dinner party. I didn't quit eat the same as the others, but I ate!!! it's such a big step for me, and after that we went to a bar to continue the party. Before I went I had a majoy anxiety attack but when I took something to relaxe myself and felt comfortable with the people around me I felt better and we had such a great time and somehow I hope that we can do it again soon! ^w^
Also coming up next week is my 25th birthday! It's not going to be anything big, but just close family and friends to dinner and later we'll go to a local bar to listen to my brother and his band play. They are called Maggies View! So that's gonna be interresting :-D
And also recieved great news from my sister, her and her boyfriend is gonna get married this summer!! I can't wait! I felt like I had been drinking too much coffé and couldn't calm down again of all this happiness for her!
So I try to look positive at this new year and hopefully making progress in every aspect of my life, especially getting in more contact with the spirits aroundd me and my lovely demon. Embrace myself and see how I really am.
Let the journey begin!!!