onsdag den 23. april 2014


So Easter have been here and I have been soooo busy that I don't feel like I have had time to relaxe!
The first few days I was at work and had a few extra hours due to all the work that needed to be done.

And when the first day off came I thought I would sleep long and all day enjoying the weather, but of course I woke up early and then spent the whole day sewing!
I made a new skirt! finally I got it done! -_-'
I also made a T-shirt decorated with the dear grumpy cat and some frills and a bow on it!
Then I made two pairs of wristcuffs <3 a="" and="" but="" choker="" i="" last="" least="" made="" not="" p="">So when I was done I was 10 pm (I'll upload Pictures later), I still couldn't sleep and I had to clean my apartment for next day since I was gonna get my lovely friend Mette over <3 be="" because="" br="" but="" cleaning="" cruel="" dirt.="" got="" hour="" i="" it="" just="" late="" me="" of="" rid="" so="" start="" the="" to="" worst="" would=""> I was still not very tired so I got on my gym bik and took out 33 km!
After that round I slept like a little baby <3 p="">Also I need to exercise way much more Again and eat less agian. I know that I'm still very sick with my ED and that stuff, but yeah, I don't look like it anymore and I really miss that look. I know I'm crazy and I need help, but I don't really feel like getting the help. I'm just not ready even though I been here for sooo many years now.
Anyway! I got my friend over and we had so much fun! I never laugh as much as I do when I'm with her <3 nbsp="" p="">And in the evening I went to visit my parents very short since they got home from their vacation.

I was planning on relaxing Saturday and do some meditating but my parents thought that we should take a tripe to the german border and do some shopping! I do love shopping but damn all those people!
I completely freaked out. I tried to hide it and you know hold out. And I did. But at the cost of a Sunday were I bearly couldn't do anything because I was still all shaking and my mind was off.
I should have been out but we had to cancel because of my pore health.
Monday was a bit better so visited and old friend who I haven't seen for many month.
And then of course I had to do something stupid again -__-''
I drove the car over a rock so I was stuck! (I hadn't seen it at all!!!)
I got really freaked so I got an anxiety attack, because I was so scared that I had crashed another of my parents cars, but luckely nothing happend!
So this Easter could have been better, but I still like the things that went well.

Tomorrow I'm gonna get myself a pair of really pro fangs! it's gonna be awesome <3 p="">And last but not least I hope to get my mind more calm so I can perform better rituals, get working on witchcraft more and use my Ouija Board!

See ya ^_~