onsdag den 22. oktober 2014

Not again!!!

Yeah I totally forgot all about my blog again!! D:
Things have just been crazy so I haven't really had any time to sit down properly and write.

Lately I stopped working because of my health was getting worse :/
So now I have started to a psychologist again and soon a psychiatrist since I'm psychotic, so I will probably have to get more medicin! Yay me!! :/
But I have been home a lot lately so I've had lots of time to be creative <3 nbsp="" p="">

This one I called "Secret World" 
It took a lot of work but I'm pretty happy with the end result ^-^

I've also been doing a lot of accessories <3 nbsp="" p="">
So this is just a small amount of what I have been doing, think I made 5 drawings in total and sewn and modified a lot of clothes. 

I need to get better at making my blog, since I like to keep a track on myself. When I feel good and down, and when I make progress.