lørdag den 26. december 2015


So after a little more deep and hurtfull talk to my neighbour last night I finally got enough of holding back!
Earlier this day I wrote my feelings for him! It felt good to get it out of my system.
But I still haven't heard a word back from him. I'm nervous as fuck, but it was for the best to let him know eventhough he might not feel the same.

So now I just wait for him to give me an answer at some point...

lørdag den 19. december 2015

Star Wars premiere

I had been super excited for a long time about this movie!
I was concerned if Disney could live up to the old movies or at least the 3 "newest" movies.
But the commercials showed signs of it to be great!
My lovely Neighbour and I were like little kids in a candy store at the cinema! xD

Eventhough our cinema is small they did have some decorations 

The first half of the movie was actually pretty great, but from there it turned downhill.
Nothing lived up to the expectations. There were not enough fight scenes with lightsabers, the evil side was too easy defeated, and some parts didn't make much sense.
It was great though to see some of the old actors and some of the other actors were just not right for the role.
Me and my neighbour left the cinema disappointed.
It was an okay movie, but would not watch it again. Anyway it was just our opinion ^^'

New title!

I can now call myself aunt!
My sister just gave birth to a little baby boy the same day that the new Star Wars had world premiere!
I haven't seen him yet, I have not found the right time, but I hope to go see him during the holidays :)

onsdag den 16. december 2015

Star Wars!!!!

That's exactly what's going to happen tonight!
Super excited to see if Disney can live up to all the expectations.
Of course I'm gonna be wearing my Darth Vader shirt! xD
And I'm going with my neighbour who's a even bigger fan than me!
See if I can get some pictures of the event!

tirsdag den 8. december 2015


So yeah, I've had a few tough days.
This year have been the most quiet year for me and I've lived in this apartment for 4 years now, but during this year I've had some complains about loud music, so I turned down for it. But still the complains kept coming and the oly time during day hours I would play a little louder to avoid listen to the one who lived under me, his music, him and his girlfriend having sex.
I have always been the good neighbour helping others, never complained about anything, even took out some of their mail trash because they just left at my mailbox.
And  yet I'm being kicked out. I broke down with tears and could barely stand on my feet, in the letter I got it said I had 5 days to pack my stuff, get out at paint the apartment so it looked. How the hell was I gonna make?
Well that day my lovely neighbour took care of me. It was a good day to begin with, we we're both in good mood so I helped for a few hours cleaning his kitchen, then we got in the car on a roadtrip so I could get a new tattoo. It was awesome and fun to have him with me. After that we went to a special store so he could boy some workout gear.
We then planned to make some soup for dinner because our energy startet to run low but still in good mood. But then I got home and opend my mailbox and everything collapsed infront of me. 
I threw everything away, took my duvet at went straight to him because I didn't dare to stay in my own place. He made me a cup of tea and talked it through. He thinks it's bullshit since he plays louder than me. But he got me in a better mood and put a smile on my face again. 
I can't thank him enough! I had nowhere to go because my parents wasn't home, but I gave them a call to let them know, and of course it ruined their night out with friends. So I'm glad he's close by. 

 But instead of that short notice I've been given a month.
It's impossible to find a new apartment before that, so I have to stay with my parents for awhile.

Anyway I have found some peace with it. still pissed as hell they didn't wanted to hear my side of the story they didn't even wanna talk to me or see me, but they kinda had too.
We think there might be other reasons for my leave and if there is we will take it to the court.

Lucky me I'll still be close to my neighbour, not as close as I like, but maybe it's good with a little distance to see if I really like him or he likes me.
I know he's sad about my leave so only time will tell :)

søndag den 6. december 2015

New Tattoo!!

Yes! more ink for me please ;)

I should treat myself with ink more often!
I love the moon so why not honor it with the triple moon sign! <3 nbsp="" p="">

tirsdag den 1. december 2015


So Christmas is here! well what's left of it in our family, we still gather but mostly just enjoy each other, we no longer give pressents, I guess we outgrew it abit over the years.
I'm no religious person myself so if I had to pick I would rather stay home, I only turn up to please others in my family and just try to enjoy it eventhough these month are some of the worst for me having an eating disorder.
I'm normally the one who will be making all the candy for Christmas eve so I have a lot to do.
Friday I will go shopping for the ingrediens I might need!
And then next weekend I'll head out for my parents cottage with my neighbour! ope to get a few things sorted out with him maybe.
He suggested we made some candy at the cottage which I think would be fun, maybe I can teach him a thing or two ;)

Anyway, during the weekend I made myself a Christmas decoration! This year it had to fit my appartment so yeah it's kinda simple and it got a My little pony in it! :D 

creativity stuff :P

This was how the chairs looked when I first got them home to me! the other was in a even worse shape than this!! D: 

First done an one to go! :D

 and this is how they ended up looking!
it took so many hours but I'm pleased with how it came out! ^^

Not long ago I painted these theater masks, I have always liked that idea of the sad and fun side or like a good and bad side. 

This one I call bloody hell! 

I also made a few rings yesterday

And this little steampunk ish necklace 

 made this little black velvet skirt a few days back ^^

Boring bra got a little life ;) 

These shoes were my mothers and was originally a gold colour, but they were too high for her so she gave them to me and they turned out like this! it took some time but I had fun giving them a makeover! ^^

torsdag den 26. november 2015

busy busy!

So, yeah once again my blog have been out of focus in my life.
I do't know what's wrong O_o' 
anyway! a lot has been going on lately! 
I work hard on my mental health 3-4 times a week which is really exhausting, but doing nothing is exhausting too. I started on some new medicin as well.
There's a lot of plans for the next couple of month that's gonna be really difficult for me, but I will live through it like I always do ^-^
I finally started working out again. I follow my neighbours program so I almost workout everyday, hope to see some results. And at the same time I have found myself in a situation I haven't been in for so many years that I stopped counting a long time ago, but I have fallen in love, with that neighbour of mine. It's super silly but I have never felt so safe and calm around anyone like I am with him. 
But my only problem is I don't know if he feels the same way about me and I'm scared and to shy to ask because I don't want anything to go wrong between us as friends, if he doesn't feel that way.
I'm just gonna take it as it come I guess ^^' 
Other then that my sister is pregnant! She's gonna have a little boy and is set to give birth the 26th of december! So it's soon! 
And my best friend is also pregnant but with a girl! I'm so happy for her and happy that it's a girl! and they're gonna get marry too so yeah a lot of things. It's going to be a challenge but I'm going to give it a go! 
I try as much as I can to be creative too and my next blog will hopefully have some pictures of some of my latest stuff! Uh! and next week I'm going to get a new tattoo! super excited about that! Of course there will be pictures too :D 

torsdag den 16. april 2015

This month.....

I bought some new stuff on ebay! You're so dangerous for my wallet ebay xD 

This one I could not resist! it's a doormat! It'sperfect for my apartment so I had to have it ^w^

tirsdag den 14. april 2015

A creative mind

So yet again I have been playing a bit around with making funitures and just being creative!

I bought this one really cheap at a secondhand store

 And this is how it turned out, I'm really pleased with the result ^-^

I have also been making pillows lately, don't know why xD 

Made two of these guys

and also two of these! I like these the best! 

I pimped this little thing where I hide all my fabric in

and I finally started to draw again! 
I have another 6 drawings in the making so there's a lot of work ahead 

But that's not the only work ahead, my friend and I have 8 chairs, a sofa to make and lots of fabric to turn into clothes also. We do not have enough time! 

I'll probably just make another blog about how life is in general... if I remember it xD 

mandag den 23. februar 2015

The show must go on

I had almost totally forgotten my blog until my father startet to speek about it!
I'm really bad at this and sometimes I think about quitting but then again I don't keep it for others, I have it as a personal dairy. So if the whole shit is burning, my life will still be here. 

My psychiatrist thinks I have a schizotypical disorder, so my treatment will start next month.
I have no idea what to think or say but I'll give it a chance. 
My head has been one big mess lately and I feel out off control. Well the same shit as always but I'm still alive. 

On the bright side I have got the most amazing new friend! She's really awesome and just as creative as me, so we make a good team! 
We bought some old rococo chairs and startet to give them a makeover. We originally wanted to sell them but as a start we will keep them because we have too many ideas and we need to practice a bit more.
She kinda knew me a little before I knew her, apparently one of her best friends is my neighbor!
And he's not just any neighbor to me, I have had a crush on him since I saw him the first time years ago, but we have never really talked together, but now we're kind of forced to. Eventhough he's 3 years younger than me, he's really sweet and nice.
We have a few interests in comon so that's a begining. 

But I'm really happy for these new friends of mine and they are just as crazy as me so that's awesome :D 

And NOW!!! a bit creativity!!

Made this pillowcase 

boring black frames got a little makeover

I have been taking a lot of photos from this winter
I have some more on my camera but haven't been able to get them on my computer