mandag den 23. februar 2015

The show must go on

I had almost totally forgotten my blog until my father startet to speek about it!
I'm really bad at this and sometimes I think about quitting but then again I don't keep it for others, I have it as a personal dairy. So if the whole shit is burning, my life will still be here. 

My psychiatrist thinks I have a schizotypical disorder, so my treatment will start next month.
I have no idea what to think or say but I'll give it a chance. 
My head has been one big mess lately and I feel out off control. Well the same shit as always but I'm still alive. 

On the bright side I have got the most amazing new friend! She's really awesome and just as creative as me, so we make a good team! 
We bought some old rococo chairs and startet to give them a makeover. We originally wanted to sell them but as a start we will keep them because we have too many ideas and we need to practice a bit more.
She kinda knew me a little before I knew her, apparently one of her best friends is my neighbor!
And he's not just any neighbor to me, I have had a crush on him since I saw him the first time years ago, but we have never really talked together, but now we're kind of forced to. Eventhough he's 3 years younger than me, he's really sweet and nice.
We have a few interests in comon so that's a begining. 

But I'm really happy for these new friends of mine and they are just as crazy as me so that's awesome :D 

And NOW!!! a bit creativity!!

Made this pillowcase 

boring black frames got a little makeover

I have been taking a lot of photos from this winter
I have some more on my camera but haven't been able to get them on my computer