torsdag den 16. april 2015

This month.....

I bought some new stuff on ebay! You're so dangerous for my wallet ebay xD 

This one I could not resist! it's a doormat! It'sperfect for my apartment so I had to have it ^w^

tirsdag den 14. april 2015

A creative mind

So yet again I have been playing a bit around with making funitures and just being creative!

I bought this one really cheap at a secondhand store

 And this is how it turned out, I'm really pleased with the result ^-^

I have also been making pillows lately, don't know why xD 

Made two of these guys

and also two of these! I like these the best! 

I pimped this little thing where I hide all my fabric in

and I finally started to draw again! 
I have another 6 drawings in the making so there's a lot of work ahead 

But that's not the only work ahead, my friend and I have 8 chairs, a sofa to make and lots of fabric to turn into clothes also. We do not have enough time! 

I'll probably just make another blog about how life is in general... if I remember it xD