tirsdag den 1. december 2015


So Christmas is here! well what's left of it in our family, we still gather but mostly just enjoy each other, we no longer give pressents, I guess we outgrew it abit over the years.
I'm no religious person myself so if I had to pick I would rather stay home, I only turn up to please others in my family and just try to enjoy it eventhough these month are some of the worst for me having an eating disorder.
I'm normally the one who will be making all the candy for Christmas eve so I have a lot to do.
Friday I will go shopping for the ingrediens I might need!
And then next weekend I'll head out for my parents cottage with my neighbour! ope to get a few things sorted out with him maybe.
He suggested we made some candy at the cottage which I think would be fun, maybe I can teach him a thing or two ;)

Anyway, during the weekend I made myself a Christmas decoration! This year it had to fit my appartment so yeah it's kinda simple and it got a My little pony in it! :D 

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