tirsdag den 1. december 2015

creativity stuff :P

This was how the chairs looked when I first got them home to me! the other was in a even worse shape than this!! D: 

First done an one to go! :D

 and this is how they ended up looking!
it took so many hours but I'm pleased with how it came out! ^^

Not long ago I painted these theater masks, I have always liked that idea of the sad and fun side or like a good and bad side. 

This one I call bloody hell! 

I also made a few rings yesterday

And this little steampunk ish necklace 

 made this little black velvet skirt a few days back ^^

Boring bra got a little life ;) 

These shoes were my mothers and was originally a gold colour, but they were too high for her so she gave them to me and they turned out like this! it took some time but I had fun giving them a makeover! ^^

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