tirsdag den 8. december 2015


So yeah, I've had a few tough days.
This year have been the most quiet year for me and I've lived in this apartment for 4 years now, but during this year I've had some complains about loud music, so I turned down for it. But still the complains kept coming and the oly time during day hours I would play a little louder to avoid listen to the one who lived under me, his music, him and his girlfriend having sex.
I have always been the good neighbour helping others, never complained about anything, even took out some of their mail trash because they just left at my mailbox.
And  yet I'm being kicked out. I broke down with tears and could barely stand on my feet, in the letter I got it said I had 5 days to pack my stuff, get out at paint the apartment so it looked. How the hell was I gonna make?
Well that day my lovely neighbour took care of me. It was a good day to begin with, we we're both in good mood so I helped for a few hours cleaning his kitchen, then we got in the car on a roadtrip so I could get a new tattoo. It was awesome and fun to have him with me. After that we went to a special store so he could boy some workout gear.
We then planned to make some soup for dinner because our energy startet to run low but still in good mood. But then I got home and opend my mailbox and everything collapsed infront of me. 
I threw everything away, took my duvet at went straight to him because I didn't dare to stay in my own place. He made me a cup of tea and talked it through. He thinks it's bullshit since he plays louder than me. But he got me in a better mood and put a smile on my face again. 
I can't thank him enough! I had nowhere to go because my parents wasn't home, but I gave them a call to let them know, and of course it ruined their night out with friends. So I'm glad he's close by. 

 But instead of that short notice I've been given a month.
It's impossible to find a new apartment before that, so I have to stay with my parents for awhile.

Anyway I have found some peace with it. still pissed as hell they didn't wanted to hear my side of the story they didn't even wanna talk to me or see me, but they kinda had too.
We think there might be other reasons for my leave and if there is we will take it to the court.

Lucky me I'll still be close to my neighbour, not as close as I like, but maybe it's good with a little distance to see if I really like him or he likes me.
I know he's sad about my leave so only time will tell :)

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