lørdag den 19. december 2015

Star Wars premiere

I had been super excited for a long time about this movie!
I was concerned if Disney could live up to the old movies or at least the 3 "newest" movies.
But the commercials showed signs of it to be great!
My lovely Neighbour and I were like little kids in a candy store at the cinema! xD

Eventhough our cinema is small they did have some decorations 

The first half of the movie was actually pretty great, but from there it turned downhill.
Nothing lived up to the expectations. There were not enough fight scenes with lightsabers, the evil side was too easy defeated, and some parts didn't make much sense.
It was great though to see some of the old actors and some of the other actors were just not right for the role.
Me and my neighbour left the cinema disappointed.
It was an okay movie, but would not watch it again. Anyway it was just our opinion ^^'

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