lørdag den 9. januar 2016


Sucks when you feel you have found your soulmate but finds out the other part doesn't feel the same way.
It was painful to find out that my neighbour apparently didn't feel the same for me. Which is one of my reasons to be a bit quiet and also this whole moving situation has taken its torn on me.
Anyway eventhough he says what he does I somewhat doubt it since he has went straight back to being around me as he used to with cuddling and touching.
I told him that I don't mind but that it would gonna make it more hard for me to try to not feel the way I do about him and at some point I might get stuck in between something uncomfortabe if he finds another.
I think there's something to him that he's not telling and I can only hope that in time he will open up and let me further in. We are still good friends and I'd like to keep it so and I can't help unless he's honest.
Right now I can just hope but not expect... 

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