lørdag den 13. februar 2016

New medicin and doctors appointment!

Yesterday I had a meeting with my mentor and we booked an appointment with my doctor so he can send a recommendation to the Eating disorder department to get me the right help. I'm super scared but it had to be done at some point. I might not look that sick anymore but it's still a heavy burden everyday and I use a lot of energy on it. Also my psychiatrist wanted to try some other medicin on me since the last one made me feel more ill! D: I also have another doctor appointment next week but that's with a female doctor to have a chat about birth control pills! or whatever is best for me ^^' apparently my previous neighbour wasn't completely honest and there is something going on between us. I don't know what yet but I'd like to find out! He was the one saying to take our friendship slow after I confessed, but not long after he started to take my close off and touching me even more. So yeah it's been more and more for us both for every time, but condoms doesn't work well for him and for me neither so he will be checked soon too. But for me it's not all about the sex it's about how calm I get around him and I feel safe! That's just not what I'm used too from other people so super big for me! Let's see what the future brings! This year a lot is going to happen! I have to find a new apartment! New treatment! Love? getting a flexible job probably to have a more secure economy? New medicin! I hope it will be a better year this time! ^^

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